Ocean Tower Construction LLC offers a wide range of services.

 Restoration Services

Represents a major area of business, which involves restoring structural concrete, floors and walls together with coating them with high quality products, in order to protect them from a future destruction. The activities that involve restoration are:

  • Concrete restoration
  • Wall coatings
  • Caulking, Deck coatings


 Exterior and Structural Services

EIFS and siding are the most common wall systems used in commercial and residential buildings. Constant exposure to the weather elements leads to necessary repairs or replacement of the product. Moreover, wrong installation is a big factor that makes it necessary to replace the product.

We provide full service of EIFS, siding repairs and replacements. Our specialists are eager to restore the exterior of the buildings to bring back the protection.

The most common exterior activities are:

  • EIFS
  • Siding


Furthermore, the most common structural issues are related to the materials that worn out. Ocean Tower Construction had to perform multiple projects to fix structural damage caused by improperly installed materials (such as interior graded post and beams, used in exterior applications).


 Windows and Doors

They all have a low-E coating + Argon Gas

  • Argon gas works like an insulating blanket between two panes of glass to further improve thermal efficiency and decrease outside sound levels.
  • Low-E glass reduces heat gain from the sun in the summer, keeping your home cooler. In the winter, Low-E glass lets the warm solar rays in while blocking the heat in your home from getting out.

We replace / install many different types of windows and doors, depending on the customer’s needs, including vinyl windows and patio doors, fiber glass or steel exterior doors and hallow metal doors.


Water Damage Restoration 

  • Burst water pipes




These are the most common problems that can cause water damage.

  • Water heaters
  • Natural disasters
  • Failed exterior wall systems or roof bad caulking


We have the right tools and experience to detect these problems and repair the damage. Our most common services include but they are not limited to:

  • Drywall repairs
  • Detecting the areas of the buildings that were damaged by water



If you don’t see what you need here, just ask us. We sincerely appreciate your business, and always willing to discuss custom jobs and special requests. 


We always do our best in providing outstanding service and value to our clients, produce quality projects in a timely manner and to maintain our high standards and reputation within the industry.


Among our most important clients are: 

  • Mann Properties, Inc.
  • Ocean City Real Estate
  • Tanger Outlets Ocean City and Rehoboth Beach;
  • Apex Construction
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